Big Blue Bus
Santa Monica, CA

W3 Architects is proud of our association with the Big Blue Bus because we believe in the ultimate sustainability of clean powered mass transit.

The Big Blue Bus Customer Service Center and Transit Store is an innovative example of green retail design for the City Santa Monica that transforms 1,000 square feet of retail space into a new satellite store for the Big Blue Bus part Customer Service Center with full time staff and part public retail space for Big Blue Bus merchandise, the design accommodates both public and private interactions.

Referring to the design of the Big Blue Bus itself, a blue aluminum “ribbon” wraps from the exterior into the interior and serves multiple functions from signage to retail display. Among other features, the building’s design includes a passive ventilation system, extensive daylighting, recycled car tire flooring, agricultural waste board cabinetry, eco-resin stair panels and solar photovoltaic powered signage.