Pavilion House
Pacific Palisades, CA

Completed in March 2011, the Pavilion House is a 5,600 square foot sustainably designed passive solar home located in Pacific Palisades, California. From the inception of the design the home’s layout and massing were informed by the sites unique boundaries and topography. The steep South facing elevation change from back to front offered an opportunity to engage the house eight feet into the hillside and integrate a stone clad thermal mass wall. This major design element contributes to the highly performative nature of the house as well as the warmth and texture of the home’s “rustic modernism”.

Protected by a native green roof this “sheltered pavilion” opens to the connected outdoor dining and pool areas through the use of sliding glass panels. An open entertaining area, housing a library, living room and dining, is fronted by a “solar loggia” that protects these spaces from direct South sun while inviting the solar energy into the home as part of the passive solar heating strategy.

The Pavilion House integrates sustainable systems with a high level of architectural design creating a beautiful home that runs on a fraction of the energy typical of homes its size. We believe that our project demonstrates a clear sustainable vision for residential design of this scale.