Pildas/Green: Live-Work
Santa Monica, CA

The Pildas/Green: Live-Work project was designed as a live/work space for an photographer/artist couple. This project reclaimed an abandoned parking lot and transformed it with dynamic, energy efficient architecture. The 1,300 square foot residence and 1,100 square foot studio are separated by a courtyard that features a drought tolerant cactus garden, which allows the couple to work from home while maintaining a separation between their home and work lives.

Instead of the main views facing outward, the two structures look inward, facing each other, thus increasing privacy from the adjacent alley and visual communication between the buildings. By shifting the Northwest corner of the residence towards the South, privacy is enhanced and alley views into the main living areas are decreased. This shift also intentionally creates the ideal solar condition for passive heating.

The stucco-clad residence contains a double-height space that facilitates the transfer of passive solar heat collected through a two-story glass wall. A 3-kilowatt photovoltaic solar electric system is installed on the studio roof, generating enough electrical power for 100% of the project’s needs. After one year of operating “net positive,” the project was taken off metering, and pays only a $30 annual grid-tie fee!